Sam - Diversity is Beauty

Ethnicity: I am an Indian girl! My family and I were born and brought up in Bombay. However, my family originally is from Bengal and so we all live as Bengalis.

About You: I started learning how to dance at the age of 4 and have been in love with it ever since. I was crazy about learning Indian- classical dance as well as Bollywood, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz and now I am currently learning pole and ballet. I also have a passion for acting and performing. I recently moved to America to become a film student and plan to work with production companies as an editor, director or screenplay writer.

I also have great love for adventure sports such as camping, hiking, mountain climbing, sea diving and skiing etc. I love being around nature; it fills me with a deep sense of peace. I am very passionate about learning about new cultures and traveling and have been to over 14 countries and hope to travel the rest of them in my lifetime. I am an extremely passionate person with a great sense of humor (even though my friends would tell you otherwise) and I love exploring and trying out new things. I also love being weird because one should never lose the child within them. If there is one thing I believe in life, it is that there is nothing more thrilling and exciting in life than to push your mind and body to new levels that you never knew you were capable of. And I try to do so as much as I can.

Your Thoughts on Diversity: Diversity is such a strong word in this day and age. In the past 30 years or so, people have realized that there is so much more that lies out there in the world that they are completely oblivious to. Different countries, different cultures, different food, music, dance styles and all the unusual traditions that make that community unique. I came to America to open my eyes to all the different people around the world and to be able to mingle and live among them. I see people nowadays yearning to be set free from the stereotypes and stigmas that were once embedded in their minds and break the walls that separate us from one another. I find that beautiful and fascinating.

Yes, it is true that it takes time to accept people from countries foreign to oneself; and yes the process is slow with many setbacks but I think people are pushing to make that happen nevertheless. That is what matters. Yes, it is true that people from other ethnicities do not get the same opportunities as people who are local to a country, but it is opening up. There are people who making a conscious effort to integrate mankind into believing we are one (with the example of this project). People are realizing that every person, no matter from where, shares the same stories, same relationship issues, the same work stresses, the same feeling of love and romance, enjoys similar movies, TV shows, music and so on and so forth. And that nature is what brings us all together.
So no matter who tries to stop us, no matter how many people there may be who are racist, sexist, and blind to the beauty of diversity, they will not win. Their ideologies will not hold up. They will be left far behind in life personally, professionally and socially while the world moves forward into a more fresh and more flourishing society.

Diversity is Beauty