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We hope to encourage a growing body of artwork that helps affect change in society by extolling the beauty of diversity through the arts. We are also working to support and partner with organizations working directly on these issues. To reach our goal we need your support and participation. Here’s how you can get involved and help this important effort:
  • Purchase “Diversity is Beauty” Merchandise: Visit our store and help share our imagery with the world. Wearing our apparel, hanging our posters and displaying our other merchandise is critically important to  in spreading the word and helping others think more positively about diversity. Proceeds from your purchases not only help us advance this project and broaden our portfolio, but will also go to support the hard work of a number of organizations promoting tolerance and opportunity for all. We are donating half of the profits from our merchandise sales to such causes, including the the Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law CenterDemos, and United We Dream.
  • Contribute to the Project: Your financial support is instrumental in helping support the expansion of the project, including additional photo shoots, inclusion of more artists, special events and helping this effort spread throughout the country and the world.
  • Become a Patron: As a patron, your support will allow us to take this project to a new level, supporting not only a body of artwork, but also an important movement to affect social change. Your direct financial support at any level will help our efforts dramatically. Our highest-level Patron’s will receive original, signed artwork, invitations to VIP events and help shape the direction of this project. Learn more on Patreon.
  • Spread the Word - Diversity is BeautySpread the Word in Your Community: Change begins in our communities. We are asking individuals and business owners to display our posters, in storefronts, lobbies, gyms, or wherever they can be seen by the public to inspire and help build awareness. If you’d like to help us by spreading the word in your community, become a volunteer. For a small fee to cover our costs, we’ll send you a Diversity is Beauty Community Kit, which includes 11×17 posters you can distribute in your community along with supporting educational materials. For participating individuals, businesses and other institutions that display our posters, we’ll encourage you to take a snapshot and post it on social media. Some will also be posted on our web site. You’ll also receive a form to record the social media information of the merchant or individual should they want a shout-out from Diversity is Beauty on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to include in your posts. Finally, for individuals who want to be photographed personally, you’ll receive a photo release that provides their permission to use photographs of them on social media and/or our web site.
  • Spread the Word Beyond Your Community/Social Media: Whether it be by word of mouth, social media or special events, help us build on the power of the arts to celebrate diversity and inspire unity in your community and around the world. Please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Submit Your Artwork: In mid-2019 we will be announcing an international photography contest inviting photographers to submit imagery from around the world that celebrates the beauty of diversity. Winning photographs will be featured on our web site, featured at special events, galleries/public spaces and incorporated into our first Diversity is Beauty book of imagery.
  • Attend Events: We will be soon be announcing a number of special events, including exhibits featuring the artists and speakers on diversity, tolerance and the power of the arts in affecting social change.

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