Maura - Diversity is Beauty

Ethnicity: I was born in Puerto Rico but my parents are from Dominican Republic. I was raised around Latin culture. Some of my favorite memories are of visits to Dominican Republic when my grandmother would cook dishes using plantains and my grandfather would bring me mangoes and coconuts. I also really enjoyed seeing the brightly colored houses in Santo Domingo and the donkeys in Azua. The island is so small but it is paradise.

About You: I enjoy setting goals but more specifically, the process of manifesting those intentions and making them reality. I like to work hard, I revel in challenging situations. I think these conditions foster growth and creativity. I am currently working on my Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership. I am still uncertain of what I want to do with my life but I know that whatever it is, I want to make a positive impact on the world and along the way, become a role model for females and minorities everywhere.

Your Thoughts on Diversity: I love diversity, I think it is the spice of life. People from different backgrounds have so much to offer; different perspectives, experiences, and cuisines to name a few.

Diversity is Beauty