Gemma - Diversity is Beauty

Ethnicity: My father’s side of the family is Jewish South African, and before that they came from Lithuania. My mother’s side is almost entirely Scottish, but she had a Swedish grandmother on her father’s side.

About You: I have been modeling for the last two or three years, and acting in stage productions for the past eight. I really think my acting background has helped me learn to connect with my audiences better through my modeling. I am passionate about community theatre and photography (I love nature/wildlife photography most, but I also love seeing other people’s styles for any genre). Anything that lets me express myself creatively is something I’m very passionate about.

Your Thoughts on Diversity: It is so important for the world to acknowledge and accept people of all backgrounds. Not just through ethnicity, but through sexuality, religion, politics, mental health, the list goes on. Everyone is so unique and everyone has a story to tell, and I believe that’s endlessly fascinating. It’s about time we put our prejudices aside as a society and just take the time to listen. Relationships of all sorts would start to improve, and we can finally start to come together to benefit the world as a whole. Underneath our differences, we are all human first and foremost. The world just works better when we love and accept everyone around us.

Diversity is Beauty